Supporting Information

Presentations and video recordings

NMOS Simplified (courtesy of Suitcase TV)

An Introduction to the AMWA Networked Media Incubator project

Demonstration of NMOS Registration and Discovery

Alex Rawcliffe presents an example of NMOS Registration and Discovery in action using software and hardware from multiple manufacturers.

1. Introduction to Networked Media Open Specifications

NMOS is a family name for specifications produced by the Advanced Media Workflow Association related to networked media for professional applications. Andrew Bonney and Alex Rawcliffe introduce the current specifications in progress, their data model and key concepts.

2. Discovery and Registration

A robust and scalable approach to Discovery is essential element of real-world management networked media. Andrew and Alex describe how to use NMOS's Node, Registration and Query APIs for discovery, from small peer-to-peer cases to large installations.

3. NMOS: Connection Mangement

NMOS allows Senders and Receivers to be connected in a transport-agnostic way. Andrew and Alex describe how to do this using the Node API.

4. NMOS: In-stream Identity and Timing

NMOS provides a universal identity model for content and an end-to-end timing model, both important elements of a future-proof networked media architecture. Andrew and Alex explain these contents, and how they are mapped to media streams.