AMWA NMOS Discovery & Registration v1.0 API formally published

As our industry moves away from systems where everything is largely fixed and hard wired towards flexible IP based architectures, it is important to know what is connected and what you can control.

How do you know what is on your system? How, for example, do you simply connect a camera to a monitor in this environment?

The AMWA’s project to create a family of Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS) seeks to satisfy the need for practical implementations in IP architectures.

And it builds on established industry initiatives. The new Discovery and Registration APIs complement the Video Services Forum’s TR-03 Specification on essence transport, adding important discovery, registration and connection management capabilities. The VSF Studio Video Over IP (SVIP) Activity Group has found that the AMWA Networked Media Open Specification for Discovery & Registration API v1.0 meets the SVIP user requirements for Studio Video over IP discovery and registration applications. The VSF announcement provides full details.

The Discovery & Registration v1.0 API is the output from phase 1 interoperability workshops of the AMWA’s Networked Media Incubator project. The specification is now formally published and available for implementation by industry suppliers.

During NAB, several participants were showing products which employ the API and demonstrating interoperability with products from other suppliers. The list of participating companies continues to grow.

It was also recently announced that the AMWA has became a sponsor of the Joint Task force on Networked Media (JT-NM), which is setting the direction for professional media over IP applications. We join the existing sponsors, the EBU, the SMPTE and the VSF.

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This project is open to both media companies and their suppliers – and all are welcome to join.