What is Networked Media Incubator Project?

This is a key project set up to enable the creation of a family of Open Specifications.

The Networked Media Incubator project is sponsored by the AMWA to enable open, multi-vendor interoperability in professional media networks. The activity is focused on getting early tangible results by concentrating on specific technical areas through a series of collaborative development activities and facilitating virtual and physical interchanges between system developers. The technical goals of the group are guided by the Reference Architecture (RA) published by the Joint Task Force on Networked Media.

Within the Networked Media Incubator project there are a number of different but related pieces of work. These include:

  • Discovery & Registration
  • Connection Management API
  • Network Controller
  • Automated Testing Framework
  • NMOS Content Model
  • RTP mapping of the identity and timing information of the Content Model.

Does this initiative have support?

The list of end users who wish to design best of breed systems and the suppliers that wish to support them continues to grow.

See them listed on the Networked Media Incubator participants page.

I do not have a JT-NM RA-based product. Can I participate?

Absolutely yes. You are definitely welcome if you have an interest in the activity and:

  • You are open to working with your colleagues in the industry to improve interoperability
  • You are in a position to write software and develop products, or enable people in your organization who do these things to participate

This activity is about getting a core group of developers together to quickly and efficiently "get on with it". It is not an activity focused on writing words on pages.

How can I get involved?

Full details are given on the How does my Company join? page.