How does my Company join?

To be a part of the project, you only need to be a member of the AMWA and to have signed and returned the “Rules” document.

There is no specific fee to participate so existing AMWA members only need to sign the Rules document.

Membership of the AMWA

Normally to have automatic right to join a project, membership at General level ($5,200) is required. However, to provide the opportunity for the maximum number of companies to participate, in this project only, members at Associate level ($2,400) are welcome to participate.

Membership of the AMWA ensures that all work is covered by the AMWA’s IPR policy.

All AMWA projects must have an "IPR Mode" as part of their authorization by the AMWA Board of Directors. The two modes are RAND and RAND-Z. The AMWA Board approved the Networked Media Incubator project as a RAND-Z project.

The Rules document

To ensure that the NMI project is fair to everyone who participates, regardless of the level of interoperability they are able to achieve, the AMWA has adopted some basic rules. The rules document simply sets out guidelines on how communication from participants should be conducted.

It is in place only to ensure that all participants can operate within an open, positive and collaborative environment.

If you have any questions about participation, please contact Neil Dunstan, Director, Membership & Marketing,